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Black & White : Karava’s Mansion / THEY TALK ABOUT US!
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They talk about us!

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Weekend in Evrostini

Twenty-four hours that count as a dream of eternity in the most unspoilt mountain scenery of mountainous Corinthia.

I had never heard her name. In Mountainous Corinthia I had set for first time my foot. Friends told me about the Mansion Karavas, a small guesthouse in the arms and the wilderness of the mountain, he mentioned that you can rent it with your friends –it can accommodate comfortably six people- and it’s a good fit for a weekend experiencing the fantasy of a cottage all to yourself; an old, vintage, cottage, so hearty and cozy as your great grandmother lived there somewhere in the early pre-last century. Apart from the hostel, Karavas brothers also have a small factory that makes pure homemade pasta, and I decided to combine the tour in "evzym" by the grace of the mountain, here, on the back side of Feneos Zarouchla that maintains a pristine , trackless charm in the mist of the vast tourism development.
Approximately 145 km from Athens, now that you are worrying about the cost of gasoline and of your nonexistent free time, were enough to convice my best friend Joanna to hop in the Ford and with her charming company we went for a weekend in the dreamy mountainous scenery.
The guys showed us the way to the hostel, as the mountain does not have addresses or telephones, and we arranged to meet in Derveni. From there, with my friend, we lost a bit ourselves in the translation. Because the landscape near the crystal clear waters of Corinthian Gulf was beautiful, but we were visiting for the oak and pine trees, for dense forest and mists. In the twenty minutes it took to drive to Zacholi, the landscape changed dramatically. Scattered houses, fields of bright red color of ripe lotus, sycamore, and magnificent views from above, all over the mountains of the inaccessible, unearthly splendor.
The Evrostini or Zaholis, which in fact is not even a village but some ancient picturesque stone houses, does not present the secularism of a classic Saturday night. However, it has divine truth-chops, which we are sure you never tasted such deliciousness in the city -, tasty soup with beans, pie with homemade pastry, baked bread on the grill and incredible potatoes cut and fried by the hand of the 85-years-old Mama Zoe, who alone with her son tame the tavern "Korais" in the small square. And when the blood warms with the house wine and the flame of the fire, you return to the scene of rustic guesthouse, table, or birimpa chat until late at night with homemade raki.

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One Sunday in the wild
Waking up in the lap of the mountain, two paths open before you. This adventure, which will guide the other side of the mountain in Feneo and Zarouchla or a relaxing day in the region. We chose the second version.
Ai-Giorgis of 1811, at the entrance of the village, with the 17th domes, is one of the most historic churches of Chelidoreas. It is worth the stop and smell the mountain from its courtyard and see it in front of you like an embrace, changing thousand colors.
A walk in the stream of Mills, a gentle path, ideal for everyone, an incredible journey in the shadow of towering trees, with small waterfalls and lakes with crystal clear waters entangled in their sound with the chirping of birds. A Zen-like path, to cleanse the city and the stress, unbelievable but true, half an hour's drive from the capital.
And after you finish the walk by lighting a candle in the beautiful Byzantine church of Agia Paraskevi, you take the car for a visit to Notre Shelters, ten minutes from the village. A church carved into the rock, perched in a magical Agnantio, the view opposite is breathtaking, the mountain in all its glory at the feet of the sea.
Meanwhile, you wave goodbye to the village and shop beans, olive oil, pasta and herbs from Korai – also known as the world center of Evrostini -, you get goat soup or stew for take-away, which Mama Zoe cooks every Sunday for her guests, and you are back in the city before nightfall.

Twenty-four hours that seemed like months of leisure in the mountain air!